Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Longest Day Ever is Here

I really should have stayed in bed until the last possible minute this morning with the day/night ahead of me.  We are playing on a flag football team with our church, and our first games are tonight.  Yes, games.  As in, we have a double header.  Now, I think I could handle having to play two games this evening, however, our first game does not even start until 9:10pm.  I am getting sleepy just thinking about it. 

After a day of working in Fort Worth, which means a longer than normal drive to and from work, I am going to come home, chug some coffee, and then go play flag football until midnight.  Maybe there is a tiny bit of exaggeration in that sentence, but seriously, we are not in college anymore!  I am the ultimate morning person and generally fall asleep before 10:00pm every night. I do not know how in the world I am going to keep my eyes open, much less catch a football! 

And, to add the cherry on top of this late-night football festivus, we are having pictures taken at work tomorrow.  Best case scenario, I will look super tired, but worst case scenario, I will have a black eye from my epic night of football.  Woo hoo! 

On the bright side, I do have new pink cleats, pink shorts, and a glittery pink headband to wear for football tonight.  The games will definitely be a fun time, but I’m definitely crossing my fingers for earlier games in the weeks to come.   

Happy Thursday, friends.  I hope y’all all get to go to sleep at a normal hour tonight. Winking smile

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