Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stylish Sister

While at home this weekend, I stole these pictures of my sister Mary Katherine off of my Mom’s camera.  The only explanation I have for why there were so many pictures of her are that she is basically an only child now that Mel and I are out of the house.  Maybe the fact that she looks so cute every stinking day has something to do with it!

                           DSC04195    DSC04200

                               DSC04214    DSC04226

Gosh I wish she lived closer to me so she could come over and pick out my clothes for me each day!  One of my favorite parts of going home is looking in her closets (yes there are two of them – spoiled baby of the family!) at all of her most recent finds.  She has some cute shirts for fall with those little peter pan-inspired collars that are so cute, a gold monogram necklace that I covet, and lots of pieces that I would never think to buy for myself but that end up looking so cute on her! 


  1. I love her outfits! And I'm a little jealous she has 2 closets. When I moved out of the house for school, that's what my little sister did too!

    1. Gosh, I know - so unfair! She legitimately needs two closets with her wardrobe. Transitioning to a dorm room closet somewhere is going to be rough for her!