Sunday, October 7, 2012

Duck Stew & an Aggie Win!

The weather in Dallas this weekend has been AMAZING.  Having coffee on the porch on Saturday morning was such a perfect way to start the weekend.  I was in such a good mood from the cool fall weather that I let Austin dirty up the kitchen cooking duck all afternoon. 

Thankfully the kitchen is clean now, and he is happy as a lark to have his duck that he “harvested from the earth” to eat on all week.  Suffice it to say, we both had a productive Saturday that ended with the sweetest Aggie victory yet!  WHOOP!  {pic}

We watched the game with friends and ohmygosh it was so stressful.  I still can’t believe we won!  Being an Aggie fan can sometimes be heart-breaking, but last night’s win was just the best.  #bthoOleMiss




Cutest Fort Worth friends!

Now that the new rankings are out, I am so nervous/excited for the A&M/LA Tech game.  Considering everyone in my entire family has pretty much gone to one of the two schools, this game is such a fun one for me.  We are making the trip to Shreveport with our friends Jaime & Emily, and my family will be there on Saturday too!  This is the first time when we have had Tech on our schedule that I have legitimately been worried they might win.  Of course I’ll be cheering for the Ags, but Tech is hands down my second favorite football team, and I am excited for how well they are doing this season.


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