Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Maroon & White Weekend


Our weekend felt pretty familiar: we were with Jaime & Emily for what I think was the third weekend in a row, and we were in the stands at (another) Aggie football game.  The Ags put us through a heartbreaking loss to LSU, but we had a good time in College Station as always!  Jaime’s wonderful parents hosted us Friday night, and we are so thankful for their sweet hospitality.  We also got to see some of our friends tailgating after the game, and since we haven’t had a wedding in a few weeks, it was nice to catch up with them. Winking smile 

While it was definitely sad to lose to the swamp kitties, one of their fans did provide us some entertainment in our section… I think he really would have faired better had he been sitting around a larger crowd of LSU fans, but he insisted on trying to get the “Geaux Tigers” chant going from his seat SEVERAL rows down and away from the main area designated for LSU fans.  This cheer is basically half of the LSU fans yelling “Go” and the other half yelling “Tigers.”  This guy would stand up and waive his hands and yell “Go” and maybe one or two people would reply because there just weren’t that many around.  Well finally, the smart Ags that we are surrounded by in our section wised up and got in on the fun.  When he would yell “Go,” several people in our section started bellowing “HOME.”  It was so funny!  Surely we were not the first annoyed losing team to think of that, but, I mean, who really thinks they can out-yell a stadium of 80,000+?!


I actually was glad the game was at 11am on Saturday as that meant we got to come back to Dallas on Saturday and have the entire day Sunday to be here and gear up for the week.  Most of our day was spent at church, but it was a great relaxing Sunday, and we even got to see my Dad for a brief visit as he was passing through Dallas.  Our preacher is doing two really wonderful series right now – one in the morning where he preaches on answers to life’s 7 most important questions and one in the evening on the book of Daniel.  I am especially loving the Daniel study – it is so very fascinating. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great Monday today!  I am picking up the ingredients for a couple of new recipes that I’m excited to try this week – maybe they will be blog-worthy.

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