Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Pinterest Recipe & Some Thursday Tidbits

Tuesday night after work we cooked this pasta dish for supper.  It was creamy and delicious but not too heavy.  Several nights during the week we are running around and eating at different times, so it was nice to both come home, cook a meal together (Austin is a great sous chef!), and relax.  I originally found the recipe on Pinterest – seriously, what did we do without Pinterest?



Tasty stuff!

The week is flying by for me, as usual.  We have two flag football games tonight, and I think tomorrow might be the night I take Austin here to stalk Lisa Garza eat a bucket of tasty fried chicken.

What I am really looking forward to this weekend is a visit with my Grandmother!  She will be in the area this weekend, and we have lunch plans on Saturday – can’t wait to see her and hear about her latest adventures.  She is an LSU fan though, so as long as we don’t talk about last week’s football game, we should be fine…

I also have a trip to Ikea planned this weekend for some frames… stay tuned for some Paper Source goodies on my walls soon!   

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