Saturday, September 1, 2012

No Makeup, No Bra, No Driving

The title of this post has basically been the theme of my day… and it has been amazing.  Sorry if that is a little too much information, but I think any girl reading this knows what I’m talking about.  Pretty frequently in law school I would have days like this, but I also lived alone in law school.  Now that I have a permanent roommate who loves to go go go all the time, these “do nothing” days are few and far between!  With Austin hunting for the weekend, I have thoroughly enjoyed reverting back to my live alone law school days.  Of course I will be thrilled to see him tomorrow, but I am the type that needs these “down time” days every once in a while.  Austin is not that type, but now that it is hunting season, I see more of these days in my future. 

My day started off with three leisurely cups of coffee on my couch watching Food Network.  Amazing.  Energized by the extra caffeine I’m sure, I organized a lot of random papers that had been building up on and around my desk as well as our home organization notebook and our fall calendar.  After looking at the calendar for the upcoming months, I was even more thankful for my relaxing Saturday. 


I got some other random things done around the house and then walked over to the pool with a book.  Having three pools at our complex is one perk of apartment living that I will miss one day when we move to a house, but sharing a pool with hundreds of other people means that you never know what a pool day might hold.  You could be surrounded by random rowdy college kids, crazy wild little children splashing and yelling, or any mix of people.  Luckily, today I was the first one to the pool and had it pretty much all to myself.  Bliss!   

photo (8)

After the pool, I ate cheese and crackers for lunch (not a husband approved “real meal”) and spent a little more time on the couch reading and watching TV.  I finished Always Something There to Remind Me, and it was pretty good.  Not one of the greatest books I’ve ever read, but good for a day like today when I really didn’t want to think too much anyway!  Now that it is 8:00 I’m about ready to make a cup of sleepy time tea and head back to the couch.  Is anyone else a fan of the do-nothing/no makeup/don’t go anywhere/don’t have to fix your hair, etc. day? 


  1. I am a big fan of those days!! There is an e-card floating around on Pinterest that says "If it requires pants and/or a bra, its not happening today."

  2. Hahah! I must find it and pin it immediately. That is my weekend motto!