Sunday, September 9, 2012

It’s Hard to be an Aggie Fan

Other than being SO. VERY. DISAPPOINTED. by the second half spaz of the Aggies yesterday, we had a good trip to College Station to our first game of the season. 


This was also our first game as members of the SEC and our first game as season ticket holders.  I so badly wish it was our first WIN of the season and first SEC win as well, but that just didn’t happen.  Watching a collapse like that felt all too familiar and put a bit of a damper on the day.  In an effort to accentuate the positive parts of the day, we had some great football weather, a safe trip to College Station and back, we saw some friends, and the A&M players managed to avoid all those “injuries” that the Florida players experienced.  Maybe they ran out of Gatorade?!  






And, as always, we won halftime!



The flyover is always fun, and with our seats on the third deck, we were very close to the action ;)



Before the game we got to see the newly renovated Memorial Student Center (MSC) that just re-opened.  It looked great!  It felt familiar but updated and vastly improved.  As we walked across campus to the game, we caught ourselves starting so many sentences with “[w]ell when I was here…”    It is always fun to reminisce about the place where we met and have so many great memories. 


Aggieland is just a special place.  I guess that is why we’ll continue making the trip to College Station and keep on rooting for the Ags even when they spaz!   For now, I am going with the theory that the Ags just needed to get their first-game jitters out and will be a smidge more prepared for the next big game.  We will be there – sweating and yelling and hoping for a win. 

This morning we did our last little bit of mourning about this game and drowned our sorrows in some blueberry pancakes.  What a tasty way to start what has turned out to be a great Sunday. 



Austin was in RARE form this morning at church.  I think the syrup combined with the two cups of coffee at home and one at church was a little much for him.  He did the announcements in our Sunday school class and was even more energetic and wild than usual.  Sometimes all I can do is shake my head, laugh, enjoy the show, and be thankful for the fun life the Lord has given me!   


  1. You are so lucky to have such a great husband! Of course, he is extremely lucky to have you as well! Even though the end result was a loss, it looks like Saturday was a fun day!

  2. hahaaha....I love that you wrote he was in rare form. You are adorable.

    1. Oh gosh, he was like a hyper little boy all day! It was so entertaining.

  3. I've only been a former student for a year and three months and I still catch myself saying, "when I was here..."! I can't believe how fast campus and College Station in general changes! And I have yet to see the new MSC - definitely a bad Aggie!

    Hoping our game this weekend goes better! Gig 'Em :)

    1. Totally agree - there were so many new restaurants on University on our way in, I couldn't believe it! Surely we can handle SMU this weekend :)