Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{WILW} Fall Bits

Hands down my favorite new fall touch is this little pumpkin that now graces my coffee table.  I should have picked up a few more for someday when I have more space to decorate.  Obsessed!


      IMG_0840   IMG_0841

A close second would be this guy:


I feel like I’m so “on trend” since this one looks a little chevron-ish.  Ha!


And finally, the tiny baby gourds and pumps sitting on my bar.  These remind me of my sisters for two very important reasons. First of all, my sisters gave me that wire container with the bird on top for my birthday.  Second of all,  my sisters LOVE tiny things.  It is a strange obsession.  There were a couple of super tiny gourds in this mix, and I thought really hard about mailing one of them to my sister Mel.  When we all lived at home, my room was downstairs, and my sisters’ rooms were upstairs.  They would have some tiny object of the week (a donkey from the nativity scene is coming to mind) that they would take turns hiding and finding in their rooms.  So weird!

IMG_0857   IMG_0853

I did also pick up some real pumpkins from the farmers market, but I am still working on incorporating those.  I am also dying to get some of the Cinderella pumpkins for our porch ledge, but Austin convinced me to wait until October to get those.  So, more pumpkins to come! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Austin’s Golden Birthday

Happy birthday to my wonderful, funny, energetic, happy husband!  Today is Austin’s “golden birthday” – 25 on the 25th.  We will celebrate next weekend with friends and two of his favorite things - carrot cake and football, but couldn’t let today go by without an official happy birthday on the blog.    

While browsing at Michael’s this weekend I came across some cute birthday stamps.  I promptly broke those little guys out when I got home for some birthday card making. 

                IMG_0810   IMG_0812


   IMG_0816   IMG_0820



I know my crazy duck slaying husband is excited about his new waders from me, and I hope he gets to use them soon!

    photo (11)  photo (12)

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!

Monday, September 24, 2012

1st Weekend of Fall

Despite the fact that Austin and I were both feeling a little under the weather this weekend, we ushered in fall with chili, football (gig ‘em Ags!!), cold meds, and a quick trip to the farmers market for pumpkins.  And since fall in Texas doesn’t necessarily mean cooler temperatures, I pulled out another recent Target find for church yesterday.



This dress is great for fall in Texas – tweed with “leather” accents, but sleeveless so it can be worn in the 90 degree September and October temperatures.  I also think it will be cute with a turtleneck, tights, and boots once the weather does get a little cooler.

My nails got their first fall coat of “Chinchilly” on Saturday night… I am still adjusting to something outside of the neutral or pink family, but I think I like it. 

photo (10)

Right now I’m sipping on a large mug of hot tea and hoping that I have enough of a voice to make it through my six hearings this morning.  The bright side of getting sick this weekend means that surely I will be over it next weekend when we go visit my family.  Counting the days until Friday! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Card & a September Birthday


September’s card from Mom – so perfect for the time of year when I am so ready to embrace fall temperatures, clothes, foods, etc.  Me and everyone else in Texas, I think!

Today happens to be my sister-in-law Casey’s 17th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEY!  We love you!  Austin is getting to celebrate with the birthday girl tonight while I am stuck in Dallas, and I know they’ll have a great time. 




Monday, September 17, 2012

Polka Dots & Peplum

A lunch break trip to Target can be a dangerous thing.  One day last week, I popped into Target for one thing and came out with three, including this top. I love it for fall and for spicing up my work wardrobe just a little bit.  Hopefully this top will brighten this cool and dreary Monday we are having in Dallas! 

                     IMG_0808  IMG_0805

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Books From Buddy

A big thank you to my father-in-law, Buddy, for these three beauties that arrived in the mail this week!  I am looking forward to parking myself in my big cozy chair and starting to make my way through them. 


Of course, I will have to have the A&M game on in the background and watch as we (hopefully) run up the score on SMU.  The weather finally feels like fall in Dallas, and I’m thrilled to have such a peaceful fall Saturday.  I hope some of you are enjoying cooler weather, good books, and football too! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy it’s Friday.

Loving these pretty fall flowers from Austin on this Friday. 


Thank goodness Friday is here.  I think Fridays are truly underappreciated until we enter the world of full time jobs.  Seriously, TGIF!  This weekend I am looking forward to getting in a longer run than weekday mornings allow, brunch with girls from Sunday School, and logging some hours in my favorite chair reading some of my new books.  More details on the books tomorrow. ;)  Sunday will be pretty jam-packed with church events, which is just how I like it.  Happy almost-weekend everyone.    


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


  • I came across this great article about A&M and Aggie hospitality earlier this week when every other person on my news feed “shared” it.  Proud to be an Aggie!
  • My first PSL of the year – earlier this week when the temperature was a cool 82 degrees, I enjoyed this tasty little guy at work.  The lady working at Starbucks also told me that they have the via/instant coffees that are PUMPKIN flavored.  I am not sure if I would like that or not, but I was intrigued a bit.  I might have to give it a try. 

photo (9)

  • We went to Company Café last night to celebrate our friend Emily’s birthday, and I so wish I had thought to take a picture or two.  I had the seasonal salad, and it was delicious!  Blueberries, pickled onions, goat cheese, pecans, cranberries – YUM. 
  • Austin is going hunting again this weekend, and I’m hoping to squeeze in a trip to the Farmer’s Market to procure some of these baby pumps. {pic}

white pumkins 12 Great Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins!

I’ll keep y’all posted on what I do with my finds.

Have a happy Wednesday – yay for being 1/2 way through the week!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It’s Hard to be an Aggie Fan

Other than being SO. VERY. DISAPPOINTED. by the second half spaz of the Aggies yesterday, we had a good trip to College Station to our first game of the season. 


This was also our first game as members of the SEC and our first game as season ticket holders.  I so badly wish it was our first WIN of the season and first SEC win as well, but that just didn’t happen.  Watching a collapse like that felt all too familiar and put a bit of a damper on the day.  In an effort to accentuate the positive parts of the day, we had some great football weather, a safe trip to College Station and back, we saw some friends, and the A&M players managed to avoid all those “injuries” that the Florida players experienced.  Maybe they ran out of Gatorade?!  






And, as always, we won halftime!



The flyover is always fun, and with our seats on the third deck, we were very close to the action ;)



Before the game we got to see the newly renovated Memorial Student Center (MSC) that just re-opened.  It looked great!  It felt familiar but updated and vastly improved.  As we walked across campus to the game, we caught ourselves starting so many sentences with “[w]ell when I was here…”    It is always fun to reminisce about the place where we met and have so many great memories. 


Aggieland is just a special place.  I guess that is why we’ll continue making the trip to College Station and keep on rooting for the Ags even when they spaz!   For now, I am going with the theory that the Ags just needed to get their first-game jitters out and will be a smidge more prepared for the next big game.  We will be there – sweating and yelling and hoping for a win. 

This morning we did our last little bit of mourning about this game and drowned our sorrows in some blueberry pancakes.  What a tasty way to start what has turned out to be a great Sunday. 



Austin was in RARE form this morning at church.  I think the syrup combined with the two cups of coffee at home and one at church was a little much for him.  He did the announcements in our Sunday school class and was even more energetic and wild than usual.  Sometimes all I can do is shake my head, laugh, enjoy the show, and be thankful for the fun life the Lord has given me!   

Friday, September 7, 2012

Red Beans & Rice and Mexican Cornbread

Austin’s friend Scott is temporarily moving to New York this weekend for a med school externship.  I’m not really sure exactly what that is, but we will miss him in Dallas!  He came over last night for supper, and seeing as how I did not get home until seven o’clock, I was so glad I had thrown together my red beans in the crock pot yesterday morning. 


Red beans and rice is in my top five favorite meals, easily.  I cannot bring myself to make it in the summer, but clearly the week after Labor Day is fair game!  This is one of the easiest things ever to fix, it makes a ton of food, and the leftovers just get better the longer they sit.  You just chop everything up, dump it in the crock-pot, cover it with water, leave and go to work, then come home to deliciousness.





I like to top it with some raw onion, cheddar cheese, and a few shakes of Tabasco.  The very best thing to accompany the RB&R is Mexican cornbread. 



Below are the recipes for both dishes.  Recipes are both from my Mom, and I have no idea where they are from before that.  

Red Beans & Rice

  • 1 package red kidney beans, soaked overnight
  • 1 link sausage (I use Hillshire Farm all beef), chopped
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons dried parsley
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Tony’s, salt, pepper, and Tabasco to taste

Soak beans overnight in crock-pot.  In the morning, rinse the beans and put them back in the crock-pot.  Add all other ingredients to crock-pot and cover with water.  Cook all day (I leave my crock-pot on low all day).  Serve over white rice with chopped onion and shredded cheese. 

Mexican Cornbread

  • 1 cup cornmeal
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup cream style corn
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 1 clove garlic, chopped
  • 1/4 lb sharp cheese, shredded
  • 1 jalapeno with seeds removed, chopped (can use the kind in a jar)
  • 1/2 c oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Put the oil in a cast iron skillet in the oven at 425.  Let it get hot while mixing everything else together.  Pour the hot oil into the mixing bowl after everything else is mixed then put everything back in the skillet and bake until brown on top.  In my oven, this takes about 30 minutes.