Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Seeing these on our fridge is getting me pretty excited for football season!  I love seeing our schedule up at the top with all the SEC team logos.  Next Thursday is the Louisiana Tech game in Shreveport, and I so wish we were going!  My parents are going, but we decided it would just be too much to try to get over to Shreve and back on a Thursday night.  We need to figure out a plan for watching that game in Dallas with some friends.  I think that’ll be a great excuse to make/eat some festive tailgate snacks!  Time to create a “Tailgating” board on Pinterest…

The anticipation and excitement of this football season is so fun to think about right now.  I am sure that come October, I might be getting tired of the trip to and from College Station, but right now I can’t wait.  One of the things I am most looking forward to about the first home game on September 8 is seeing the newly renovated MSC.  I have not been back to campus since it has been opened, and I can’t wait to walk through and see everything!

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I worked in the MSC all throughout college, and I’m sure it will make me feel old to be back there surrounded with all of the current students who seem SO young these days.  I’m just going to remember that I get to sit down at the football games and they don’t!

Thanks & gig ‘em!  Happy Wednesday.

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