Wednesday, August 15, 2012


August’s card-of-the month.  These just keep getting cuter!


Del Frisco’s potatoes.  Since it’s Restaurant Week in Dallas, we went on a date to Del Frisco’s on Monday night, and the potatoes were so very delicious.  Luckily, we have leftovers!  A Monday night date night was a great way to start the week – we are going to have to do that more often. 


Paul Ryan.  I am coming around to the VP pick and enjoying learning more about him since the announcement last weekend.  I especially liked reading the below quote (from Mike Huckabee’s Facebook page).

“What’s the real reason Romney picked Ryan? It might have less to do with politics than you think. While pundits who see the whole world through the prism of politics are debating the reasons Romney picked Ryan, Romney’s former co-workers aren’t surprised at all. They say the pick is right in line with the way Romney made Bain Capital a success. Instead of surrounding himself with yes men, Romney sought out really intelligent young executives, who were analytical, data-driven and not afraid to challenge the boss if they saw a flaw in a plan or had a better idea. One former Bain partner said that’s exactly what he sees in Ryan: Not a bull-slinging politician, but someone who’ll bring real ideas based in fact. The Internet satirist Iowapundit may have put it best when he said Ryan represents Obama’s worst nightmare: math.”


I am off to write a thank you note for a wedding gift.  Yes, a wedding gift for our wedding that was over a year ago!  This weekend in Austin we received a beautiful crystal bowl that was a very belated wedding present.  The fun never ends :)  Happy Wednesday!

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