Saturday, August 25, 2012

What’s Been Going On

Hello!  We are up bright and EARLY this Saturday morning to head to the city tournament since we won our softball league.  A whole day of softball… thrilling!  Since I last posted, here’s a little taste of what’s been going on via Instagram (I’m @emwall22). 

The most exciting thing that is not pictured is that I hit a bird on my drive home on Wednesday :(  so sad!  I got tears in my eyes for a second, but I wasn’t too torn up seeing as how it was a nasty pigeon and not a cute bird.  It did make an AWFUL noise though.  InstagramCol.Top row: Austin was very excited to get his duck stamp in the mail yesterday; the Big D skyline on an evening walk; new hair ties from Anthro that I am completely obsessed with.

Middle row: my basil plant is growing flowers… not sure why; a baby saltine – how cute is that?!; I pass a McAlister’s on the way back to my office every time I go to a certain hearing office, and sometimes I just need an Arnold Palmer.

Bottom row: cute place-cards from last weekend’s wedding that I hung on to; my manicure from last Saturday lasted so long; nectar of the gods. 

Happy weekend!  We are off to dominate the D-League playoffs!

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