Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Our apartment has this thing going on for the month of August where different food trucks come every Thursday.  I walked over to check it out with Austin last week, and he decided on these two little guys for his supper.  How cute are those baby buns?


Thank you, Rebecca for bringing me some reading material for the week!  I have missed these magazines and was so excited to flip through each of them.


Speaking of reading material, I got the new IKEA catalog last week and had fun flipping through it.  I am in the midst of trying to convince Austin to take me this weekend.  Every time I have ever been to IKEA it has just been super overwhelming.  My plan this time is to make a list and try not to get distracted by the millions of other things in that enormous place!

College football starts this month!  I am so excited about the first A&M game against Louisiana Tech.  Basically my ENTIRE family went to LA Tech, and I grew up in Ruston.  I always cheer for Tech - except for every few years when they play A&M.  I am sad we aren’t going to be at the game since it is on a Thursday and in Shreveport, but we’re excited to watch.



Happy Thursday, friends!

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