Friday, August 10, 2012

“Supper Club” With Katey & Casey

On Tuesday night our great friends Katey and Casey came over for supper.  We loved getting to catch up with them and watch some Olympics together! 

My mother-in-law brought us some raspberry chipotle jelly a while back, and we finally had an excuse to break that out.  We snacked on it over some cream cheese with some wheat thins as an appetizer. 


For dinner, I fixed squash casserole in my favorite Martha ramekins, roasted okra, pork tenderloin, and French bread. 



For dessert, we had ice cream sundaes :)  The best decision I made was to get a carton of ice cream with only four servings.  Thank goodness we finished it off and I didn’t have that deliciousness staring me down from the freezer all week!


Katey had just been to Ruston for her Mom’s birthday, so she brought back lots of small-town “news” for me.  The highlight of the night was probably Casey and Austin’s Olympic commentary during the various events we watched after supper – hilarious!

Thank the good Lord it is Friday.  After the day I had at work, I could not be more excited to welcome the weekend.  Tonight we are off to our last “regular season” softball game.  We are on the First Baptist blue team, and tonight we are playing the First Baptist “red team.”  Battle of the Baptists!

We are also celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday this weekend and looking forward to seeing the fam tomorrow!

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