Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 2: Rebecca Goes to Neiman’s!

Thanks to Rebecca coming in town, I finally had an excuse to explore the downtown Neiman Marcus.  Although I pass by it often, I had only been inside one time.  We made sure to check out every floor on Saturday afternoon!  I found a pair of earrings that I am still contemplating going back to get.  There was also a GREAT Kate Spade section that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. 



We celebrated Rebecca’s birthday with dinner on Saturday night at Wild Salsa.  Then we celebrated again on Sunday afternoon with strawberry cake & ice cream!


  IMG_0648   IMG_0649


One of the highlights of the weekend was being reunited with my favorite “Sanctuary Buddy!”  I met Rebecca, Cam, and Eleanor when I moved to Jackson and started attending First Baptist Jackson.  Rebecca and I – and Cam too – were always part of the group from our Sunday School class that liked to go to “big church” in the sanctuary as opposed to the contemporary service.  I have some wonderful memories of church in Jackson with this group! It was very fun for Cam and I to show Rebecca our new church (Cam has since moved to Dallas from Mississippi just like me) on Sunday morning.


Sunday after church we grabbed a bite at Central Market, ran a couple of errands, then went to the IMAX at the Museum of Nature & Science.  We saw a movie about whales in a frigid IMAX theater.  Not a bad way to beat the heat on a Sunday afternoon! 


Rebecca, I am so glad you came!  I had the best weekend with y’all, and I can’t wait for our next reunion! 

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