Monday, August 6, 2012

Part 1 of the Weekend

Two of my sweet Jackson friends were in Dallas this weekend for a visit/birthday celebration/girls weekend.  We had a ball! 

After we won our softball game on Friday night (barely though, more on that to come…) Austin and I met up with Cam and Rebecca at Cane Rosso for a late dinner. I was a little bit embarrassed to be in a softball shirt and Nike shorts at dinner but so excited to see Rebecca!

photo 9 

Saturday morning Cam and Rebecca came over, and we kicked off our day at the Farmer’s Market.  Last week before her visit, Rebecca discovered that there was a cooking demonstration going on Saturday morning, and we all thought that sounded like a fun idea.  


   IMG_0631   IMG_0632


We saw several cooking techniques demonstrated that were pretty fancy.  The chef leading the demo prepared watermelon foam, corn soup, port gastrique,and a grape sponge as part of the three dishes we got to try. 

Watermelon foam in action on a really tasty salad:


He showed us how to “milk” corn cobs for this delicious corn soup:


For the cheese course, he made the port gastrique and the grape sponge.  The grape sponge is basically grape Jello with air whipped into it – very neat concept!


After our class, we walked through the Farmers Market which was fun but oh so hot.  I picked up a few things for the week and then we headed to lunch.  We were kind of under the impression that the cooking class would include lunch, but the portions were a bit small.  So, Cam and I took Rebecca to one of our Dallas favorites – Breadwinners.  Eleanor met us there, and the rest of our adventure will have to go in part two of this post!



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