Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Weekend

After FOUR softball games on Saturday, we finally got home and I crashed pretty hard.  Hard as in, I went to bed at 7:30 on Saturday night.  And it was glorious! 

Now to rewind just a little bit, this was my solution to our almost empty fridge for supper on Saturday night.  Austin took a little convincing to my “rabbit food” tendencies, but I could eat this every night and be happy as a lark.  Cheese plate = best supper ever.  Boys will probably never accept cheese and crackers as a meal.   


We had a wonderful Sunday at church – our Sunday school class was full, the sanctuary was full for the preacher’s new sermon series, and Sunday night was packed as well! 

In between morning and evening church, we played chess.  Isn’t that table so neat?  My great grandfather made it, and I am so glad we have it thanks to my Mammo! 

photo (6) 

This week I am saying some extra prayers for my friends & family in South Louisiana and Mississippi.  I hope Isaac is somehow not as bad as it is looking like it might be. 

We are also counting the days until our first football game on Thursday – BTHO LA Tech!

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