Monday, August 20, 2012

Jen & Conner’s Pretty Wedding

I have to apologize for the first few pics… I didn’t realize for the first part of the night that my flash wasn’t on when it should have been.  Austin was really thrilled that I have had my camera for five months and couldn’t figure this out on my own… ANYWAY, we had a wonderful time celebrating Jen & Conner this weekend.  I am sure I’ve said this before, but the best part about all these weddings is getting to catch up with our college friends and all be together again. 

Austin & Jared knew exactly where to go…


{rehearsal dinner @ Cyclone Anaya’s}

IMG_0694   IMG_0696


                          IMG_0701  IMG_0703   IMG_0704                                                  IMG_0709

  IMG_0708  IMG_0711

There were crazy thunderstorms going on in DFW on Saturday, so it was nice that the wedding party got to ride to the reception on a charter bus!  It felt like a slightly grown up version of an Ol’Ags date party :)


The reception was at the McKinney Cotton Mill – such a cool space!  I already have a little love affair with McKinney going on, and this place only made me love it more. 


    IMG_0718  IMG_0719



IMG_0732  IMG_0741

Cute boys in their linen suits and seersucker ties.  Another perk of all these weddings is all the cute additions to Austin’s wardrobe!  Since Conner helped me purge Austin’s wardrobe of cargo shorts long ago when they were roommates, I am not surprised that he picked out such a handsome wedding look.  Congratulations Conner & Jen!  We had a wonderful time celebrating with you!  

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