Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Faves

Woo hoo for Friday!  I couldn’t be happier to see you. 

  • Although I was a little sad not to be watching the Aggies last night since the A&M/LA Tech game was postponed until October, I am even more excited for the game now because we got tickets!  We are headed to the great state of Louisiana with our good pals Jaime & Emily in October.  My family will be there as well, and I know it will be such a fun time! 
  • Also, only 8 more days until the first Aggie football game at Kyle Field #bthoFlorida 

photo (7)

  • I had some limited success at the library last night – two of the books I wanted were available… the others have pretty lengthy waiting lists.  Joys of living in a big city, I suppose! 
  • Austin is going dove hunting this weekend, so I’ll be living the single life doing the following: laying out at the pool reading my new library books, cleaning out some of our closets (joy), grocery shopping, doing some cooking for the week.  I might even get crazy and put out some of my fall-ish decorations.  Is it too early for that?  A weekend with some down time is going to be so glorious!

Happy Friday my friends!

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