Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Faves

This week has flown by so quickly!  Hooray for Friday.  I am especially excited about the weekend I have planned with some of my Jackson friends in Dallas.  Rebecca and Eleanor will be in Dallas, and we have several fun things planned!

Yesterday was Rebecca’s birthday, so we will definitely be celebrating that!  Happy Birthday, Rebecca!  We are also going to a cooking class at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow that I am super excited about.  I predict that the weekend will give me lots of good blogging material for next week :)

Most nights this week have consisted of coming home from work, eating supper, and watching the Olympics until I fall asleep on the couch – not too exciting.  I am dragging a little bit this morning because I stayed up to see precious Gabby on the medal stand last night.  I’d imagine next week will be very similar because we are excited for the track events to start!

We will be forced to change up our routine tonight since we have a softball game.  Playing on this team and getting to meet some new faces from church has been just wonderful.  I was definitely skeptical as to whether or not I would enjoy softball since I had never played before, but I find myself really looking forward to our games on Friday nights. 

Happy Friday – hope y’all have a great weekend!


{pics swiped from Facebook!}

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