Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Faves

Last time we talked I was headed to a card-making class at church.  The class was a little different than what I expected, and I may take some of my own stamps next time, but I had a good time and managed to find three stamps that I thought were pretty cute for cards.  This particular class emphasized embossing.  I have never embossed before, so this was a little new to me, but fun nonetheless.  Next time we will just be stamping with regular ink, which I think will be a little more up my alley. 

IMG_0510   IMG_0512

IMG_0513     IMG_0514

I need to go through my paper stash and see if I have any fun paper to line some envelopes to give these a little more color. 

Yesterday Austin played golf, and I ran some errands and got to squeeze in a quick visit with my GJ who happens to be in town this weekend visiting friends.  Getting to chat over some iced tea was such a nice surprise and I am so glad it worked out! 

We reunited yesterday evening for a cook out with some of Austin’s co-workers.  We did some good porch-sitting, some even better eating, and were absolutely stuffed when we left.  Our supper screamed summer: grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, and chocolate chip cookies with Blue Bell ice cream for dessert.  Oh, and Austin will probably not be too happy if I leave out his contribution: grilled duck wrapped in bacon stuffed with jalapenos.  I was pretty skeptical, but I did try one, and they were actually pretty good!

This morning I made muffins for our Sunday School class.  I added some strawberries on the top of this blueberry muffin recipe to make them extra-festive for July. 




We had a guest speaker in church today from the Liberty Institute.  He was amazing, and my eyes were definitely opened to the shocking ways our religious freedoms are being challenged as Christians in America today.  If you are a political science nerd like I am, then the website is worth a glance. 

We are getting some much-needed rain right now in Dallas, and I am loving my relaxing Sunday afternoon!  Hope your weekend has been wonderful. 


  1. Cute cards! Your handwriting is adorable. Sounds like a great weekend! :)