Friday, July 20, 2012

Sissy’s Southern Kitchen

Say hello to my new favorite restaurant in Dallas. This is quite fitting, seeing how I was a HUGE fan of THE Lisa Garza when she was on Food Network Star.  Prepare yourself for a picture overload, because I could not get enough of Sissy’s


Where to even begin?  Lisa Garza in a presh bicycle dress, waiters in bow ties, the gorgeous décor… I even took pictures of the bathroom, y’all. 

IMG_0558   IMG_0563

We ate on the screen porch.  I love me some porch sitting, so this was fantastic.  Look at those yellow doors!  And those precious menus! I should go ahead and apologize now for the excessive use of exclamation marks in this post.

IMG_0561   IMG_0559 



Lisa herself came out and set those flowers out – we about died.


My choices: spicy crawfish salad & squash casserole.  Both very good!  Also, look at that cute little cast iron dish!  It goes without saying that I loved her Spode dishes.  


Mom’s choices: layered salad & cheese grits.  The grits were delicious.  I cannot speak to that salad because I do not eat it.  Mayo = yuck.  But, Mom and MK both said it was really good.


MK: fried chicken & mashed potatoes.  We knew one of us was for sure getting the chicken.  It was so so so good.  When I make Austin take me here for a date night, I’m definitely getting the chicken. 


And we finished with peach pie to share.  This peach pie was not like anything I have ever tasted.  I expected it to basically taste like peach cobbler, but it had really bright flavor thanks to what I think was lemon juice.  We also agreed that there was nutmeg in it, which was different but delicious.  Also, another cute dish!


We also started with some un-pictured squash puppies.  They were un-pictured because we inhaled them so quickly!

And finally, the bathroom.  We were the only ones in there, and I couldn’t help myself!  I just loved the décor so much. 


The framed botanicals might be my favorite.


This meal was the perfect end to a long Saturday of shopping.  I cannot wait to go back with Austin… or anyone and everyone else I can convince to go with me.

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