Thursday, July 19, 2012

MK’s Look for Saturday Shopping

I have posted about Mary Katherine’s wonderful style on the blog before, and I just had to show y’all her shopping look.  Everyone in Dallas thought she looked pretty cute too, because all I heard all day in every store we went in was some combination of: “Oh my gosh, you look so cute!”  “I love your hat!”  “Your hair is soooo pretty.”  “Ohmygosh I looove your clutch – is it ostrich?” 

               IMG_0548   IMG_0546

        IMG_0549  IMG_0545


Outfit details – hat:target, earrings:forever 21, necklace:etsy, top:tjmaxx, watch:fossil, bracelet:vintage, shorts:gap, shoes:target, clutch:target, fingernails: petites “pretty in pink”, sunglasses: Beehive (Ruston, LA), toenails: essie “turquoise and caicos”

Still trying to convince her to start an outfit of the day blog! 


  1. your sister is precious! she definitely should start an ootd blog - or at least let you feature her regularly!

    1. I think she will...eventually! Or at least I hope so. In the mean time, I will keep stalking her with my camera!