Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hair Issues

As someone who has been highlighting my hair since junior high, I have definitely had my share of ups and downs where my hair is concerned.  For example, at my high school graduation my hair was basically yellow.  It had just been highlighted so much at that point, (without any lowlights!) and the results were not pretty.

The Yellow Stage:

Gparty  Gparty2

Grad 1

Then, I started going to Vicki for highlights.  Vicki is THE BEST.  Her hair texture and natural color is basically exactly like mine, and I have never found anyone else who can do my hair as good as Vicki can.  She was able to get my hair color completely back on track.  Throughout college at A&M and law school in Mississippi, I traveled to Vicki any time I needed a haircut or highlights.  Somehow, with Vicki I was able to go for about 4 months between needing any color on my hair – I have no idea how, but she just did my hair in a way that even when it grew out, it blended and I never really had a “root” problem.    

The Vicki Years:

Mom's Camera 306   DSCN1186

Spring 2011 005   Dinner Party 4-18 002

Vicki did my hair for the last time the week before our wedding.  I decided that once we moved to Dallas and were busy with work and social commitments here that it really wouldn’t be an option for me to drive 3+ hours to get my hair done every few months. 

In the year that we have been living in Dallas, I have found that Vicki is going to be a hard one to replace… I have a new hair stylist and colorist that I really like, which is great!  But, so far we are still struggling to get on the same page as far as my hair color is concerned.  I love the way she cuts my hair, but I am really hoping that at my appointment this Saturday we are able to finally master the color issue.  I have also noticed that the past few times she has colored my hair, in between appointments I can really tell when the highlights start growing out. 

IMG_0351  IMG_0292

After my last visit, my hair was definitely more on the brassy side (pics above are from shortly after my last hair cut & color), and I was not too pleased.  I am also noticing that it is getting a little close to being too blonde for my liking.  With my coloring, my hair really needs to be more on the ashy side of blonde and less on the golden side, and I also need some lowlights to add dimension, in my opinion.  Here are some pictures from Pinterest I have gathered up to take to my appointment as my hair inspiration.  I am really wanting to return to more of a natural look and something with a little more depth.  Hopefully I will have happy results to share on Saturday!

Natural looking blonde highlights, no streaks! Color by Neil George Salon colorist Johnny Ramirez.  Color + Cut  Hair color

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