Monday, July 23, 2012

Cards With Mom’s Supplies

My mom has quite the arsenal of card making supplies, and I was excited that she brought a few things to Dallas for me to use last weekend.  On Sunday morning before church we made a few cards.  I think we were inspired after the excessive amount of time we spent in Paper Source on Saturday.  We were both doing a lot of squealing the entire time and only left so that we could make it to Sissy’s for our reservation.

As much as I love making cards any time, it was an extra special treat to have Mom there!  I am now on the hunt for some paper tape after developing a slight obsession with hers.



She also brought a topiary stamp.  Love!


I had some random pink envelopes, so we made this birthday card for one of them.  I am so obsessed with this bird.  It is doubtful that I will ever part with this!  Maybe I will send it to myself for my own birthday.  That would just be a whole new level of crazy.




I need to make more of these for birthdays immediately!

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