Friday, June 8, 2012

A Weekend at HOME

Being out of town for four weekends in a row has me all kinds of excited to spend the next two days in Dallas, NOT in a car or on a highway, and catching up on everything that jus doesn’t seem to get done during the week. 

I got off work early today (hallelujah!), and I have not been this excited for a weekend of nothing in a looong time.  On our “agenda” for the weekend: movie night, some pool time, pool-side grilling, and a run at White Rock.  Also some random bill paying and house chores, but I can honestly I am even excited for those mundane little things!  Quite the Friday-high I am on right now. 

Hope you all enjoy your weekends wherever you may be. I’m off to enjoy the sunshine outside and celebrate not being in an office right now!

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