Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend at the Ballpark

Our Friday night was spent at one ballpark and our Saturday afternoon at another. 


We had our first softball game of the season with our team from church, and we dominated (Austin insisted our jerseys were a bloggable moment)!  Austin was the very first person up to bat for our team and he hit a home run!  I actually managed to hit the ball both times I was at bat, but I got out both times.  Honestly, I am just amazed I was able to hit the ball seeing as how I have never played a day of softball in my life.  Despite my lack of on-base hits, our team won 13-1.  Woo hoo!

I did a little shopping on Saturday morning – might have to do some OOTD pics this week.  My most exciting find was a dress for football season!  We have season tickets this year for our SEC debut, so I’m trying to stock up on some game day wear.  Let me just tell y’all, it is HARD to find clothes with any amount of maroon that are both cute and wearable in 100 degree weather. 

Our friends Ryan and Cassie came to Dallas for the weekend, and we were so excited to see them and go to the Rangers game together.  Thanks to our wonderful Sunday School teachers Roy & Donna for the amazing tickets!  Cassie is a hardcore Rangers fan, and we had a great time at the game despite being drenched in sweat.  Summer in Texas is definitely here. 




Hey, Kinsler!


Sadly, the Rangers lost, but we still had a great time with Ryan and Cassie.  After we finally cooled off and got clean, we enjoyed a fun dinner at Momo’s.  Love that place! 

Our Sunday has been wonderfully relaxing, and now we are settling in to watch Food Network Star.  Weekends are the best. 

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