Friday, June 1, 2012

Hiking at Enchanted Rock

We spent one morning in Fredericksburg hiking the beautiful Enchanted Rock just outside of town.  If you know me at all, this will likely come as a shock considering I am not much of a “hiker.”  At all.  As in, I used to whine and cry when my parents would make us go on hikes on vacation… I am happy to say I think I have grown out of that!  I actually really enjoyed this hike and the beautiful scenery in the Texas Hill Country. 


It is so easy to get in that “vacation mode” of eating a lot of good food and not working out, which is not the best combo for me.  Getting outside and getting some exercise was a great way to start our Sunday. 


At the bottom…


            IMG_0446    IMG_0449



And we made it to the top! 

         IMG_0459   IMG_0460


There was definitely some squealing when we came across this little guy.  Kind of gross! We also saw a black squirrel, which was scary looking as well as too quick for my camera. 


If you ever find yourself in the FBG area, we definitely recommend hiking at Enchanted Rock!

Happy Friday, everyone.  I’m loving that this week has FLOWN by thanks to having Monday off.  We are off to what is sure to be another fun wedding this weekend, and I must go pack! 

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