Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WILW: the cutest b&b ever

Does anyone remember the show “$40 a day with Rachael Ray” that used to be on Food Network?  Every episode she would be exploring a new city and attempt to eat all of her meals for only $40.  I have seen a few episodes in my day, and the main tip I remember that Rach would give when traveling was to always ask the locals.  Well, Rach was definitely on to something… thanks to a friend who is from Fredericksburg, we decided to stay at the Hoffman Haus while we were in Fredericksburg.

Staying at this quaint little “Sunday house” was one of the highlights of our trip – we never wanted to leave!  We learned that our cottage was a renovated “Sunday house.”  These were small houses “in town” that ranching families would have so they could stay in town on the weekend and go to church on Sunday.  Hoffman Haus also has several other precious rooms and cottages on the property.  





Our mornings on this screen porch were probably our very favorite thing about the trip.  But, I am getting ahead of myself.  Aside from the fact that our Hoffman Haus cottage was beautifully decorated, peaceful, and comfortable, we were delivered a gourmet breakfast each morning in a picnic basket!  One of the owners of HH is a chef and prepares breakfast for all of the guests each morning.  This was most definitely a highlight of our trip!



First morning: french toast with orange glaze, peppered bacon, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs


Second morning: cranberry orange scone, spinach frittata, sausage, fresh fruit


Our perfect porch mornings were a great start to our days in Fredericksburg.  We both agreed that one day we WILL have our own screen porch.  Until then we will just have to keep making trips to the Hoffman Haus! 


  1. CHARMING! I wish we would have gone when we were in the Hill Country area. xo

    1. It was amazing - y'all should put it on your list for next time :)