Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Tidbits

Helloooo 3-day weekend!  I am so very happy to see you. 

  • As luck would have it, Austin turned on the TV just a minute ago, and guess what happened to be on?  The A&M Football preview show.  There goes his night… He just hollered that I need to “come in here and watch our team.”  I have to admit, it gets me a tiny bit excited for football season - almost as excited as we were last night when we found out our friends Jaime and Emily also have season tickets this year.  We had fun catching up with them last night (this pic is clearly not from last night seeing as how it is 90 degrees here) and are so excited about our carpools to come!


  • Facebook keeps trying to get me to update to the new profile.  I am resisting until the last possible moment, but I am feeling like I’m a little bit “over” Facebook these days.  Most of my computer time these days is spent reading blogs and pinning.
  • I added some new buttons to my blog over on the right-hand side for Twitter, Pinterest, Email, and if you want to Subscribe – aren’t they fun?
  • I have gotten several magazines in the mail this week that I haven’t had time to sit down and read.  The five hour car ride tomorrow and Monday should help with that. 
  • We are eating breakfast here tomorrow morning on the road, and I am pretty pumped. 
  • Seeing as how my clothes aren’t going to hop into my suitcase by themselves, I am off to pack!  See y’all on the flip-side. 

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to see pictures!