Monday, May 28, 2012

Fredericksburg: On the Road

We started our drive to Fredericksburg early Saturday morning.  First on our agenda was breakfast at the famous Koffee Kup restaurant in Hico.  The food did not disappoint but what I enjoyed even more was the small-town friendly atmosphere. 


On the second leg of our trip, we happened upon a random parade of vintage cars.  Austin insisted on pictures.  At this point we were just both hopped up on our “koffee,” excited to be on a road trip, and thrilled to see something that we most likely wouldn’t happen upon in our little corner of Dallas. 


Then, our peaceful drive southwest took an adventurous turn.  We spotted a wildlife safari on the side of Highway 281 and next thing we knew, we were loaded up on a trailer being attacked by a buffalo with a particular fondness for feed pellets.  Our little safari was definitely an unplanned but very fun part of our drive.  I especially loved seeing all of the baby animals!

   IMG_0400     IMG_0403


   IMG_0405   IMG_0401


   IMG_0407  IMG_0416

This ostrich was sitting on a nest of (huge) eggs!  We learned that she and the daddy ostrich would take turns sitting on the nest.  Who knew?


IMG_0411  IMG_0413

Emus have red eyes and look evil.  Not a fan of this one lurking in my picture. 

This buff was a pretty scary dude.  BIG buff, MK ;)




      IMG_0419   IMG_0421

Can you see the baby joey legs sticking out of the kangaroo’s pouch?  We learned that girl kangaroos are basically pregnant all the time – once one joey moves out of the pouch, another has already moved in.  Can you imagine? 

          IMG_0412   IMG_0420  IMG_0397



We waved good bye to the animals and still made it to Fredericksburg in time for a delicious lunch.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow!    

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