Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WILW: the cutest b&b ever

Does anyone remember the show “$40 a day with Rachael Ray” that used to be on Food Network?  Every episode she would be exploring a new city and attempt to eat all of her meals for only $40.  I have seen a few episodes in my day, and the main tip I remember that Rach would give when traveling was to always ask the locals.  Well, Rach was definitely on to something… thanks to a friend who is from Fredericksburg, we decided to stay at the Hoffman Haus while we were in Fredericksburg.

Staying at this quaint little “Sunday house” was one of the highlights of our trip – we never wanted to leave!  We learned that our cottage was a renovated “Sunday house.”  These were small houses “in town” that ranching families would have so they could stay in town on the weekend and go to church on Sunday.  Hoffman Haus also has several other precious rooms and cottages on the property.  





Our mornings on this screen porch were probably our very favorite thing about the trip.  But, I am getting ahead of myself.  Aside from the fact that our Hoffman Haus cottage was beautifully decorated, peaceful, and comfortable, we were delivered a gourmet breakfast each morning in a picnic basket!  One of the owners of HH is a chef and prepares breakfast for all of the guests each morning.  This was most definitely a highlight of our trip!



First morning: french toast with orange glaze, peppered bacon, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs


Second morning: cranberry orange scone, spinach frittata, sausage, fresh fruit


Our perfect porch mornings were a great start to our days in Fredericksburg.  We both agreed that one day we WILL have our own screen porch.  Until then we will just have to keep making trips to the Hoffman Haus! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Fredericksburg: On the Road

We started our drive to Fredericksburg early Saturday morning.  First on our agenda was breakfast at the famous Koffee Kup restaurant in Hico.  The food did not disappoint but what I enjoyed even more was the small-town friendly atmosphere. 


On the second leg of our trip, we happened upon a random parade of vintage cars.  Austin insisted on pictures.  At this point we were just both hopped up on our “koffee,” excited to be on a road trip, and thrilled to see something that we most likely wouldn’t happen upon in our little corner of Dallas. 


Then, our peaceful drive southwest took an adventurous turn.  We spotted a wildlife safari on the side of Highway 281 and next thing we knew, we were loaded up on a trailer being attacked by a buffalo with a particular fondness for feed pellets.  Our little safari was definitely an unplanned but very fun part of our drive.  I especially loved seeing all of the baby animals!

   IMG_0400     IMG_0403


   IMG_0405   IMG_0401


   IMG_0407  IMG_0416

This ostrich was sitting on a nest of (huge) eggs!  We learned that she and the daddy ostrich would take turns sitting on the nest.  Who knew?


IMG_0411  IMG_0413

Emus have red eyes and look evil.  Not a fan of this one lurking in my picture. 

This buff was a pretty scary dude.  BIG buff, MK ;)




      IMG_0419   IMG_0421

Can you see the baby joey legs sticking out of the kangaroo’s pouch?  We learned that girl kangaroos are basically pregnant all the time – once one joey moves out of the pouch, another has already moved in.  Can you imagine? 

          IMG_0412   IMG_0420  IMG_0397



We waved good bye to the animals and still made it to Fredericksburg in time for a delicious lunch.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow!    

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Tidbits

Helloooo 3-day weekend!  I am so very happy to see you. 

  • As luck would have it, Austin turned on the TV just a minute ago, and guess what happened to be on?  The A&M Football preview show.  There goes his night… He just hollered that I need to “come in here and watch our team.”  I have to admit, it gets me a tiny bit excited for football season - almost as excited as we were last night when we found out our friends Jaime and Emily also have season tickets this year.  We had fun catching up with them last night (this pic is clearly not from last night seeing as how it is 90 degrees here) and are so excited about our carpools to come!


  • Facebook keeps trying to get me to update to the new profile.  I am resisting until the last possible moment, but I am feeling like I’m a little bit “over” Facebook these days.  Most of my computer time these days is spent reading blogs and pinning.
  • I added some new buttons to my blog over on the right-hand side for Twitter, Pinterest, Email, and if you want to Subscribe – aren’t they fun?
  • I have gotten several magazines in the mail this week that I haven’t had time to sit down and read.  The five hour car ride tomorrow and Monday should help with that. 
  • We are eating breakfast here tomorrow morning on the road, and I am pretty pumped. 
  • Seeing as how my clothes aren’t going to hop into my suitcase by themselves, I am off to pack!  See y’all on the flip-side. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WILW: Fredericksburg Trip

Three days until Fredericksburg!  We have been planning our trip itinerary, and I am getting more and more excited about our fun weekend in the hill country.  I am so excited to hit the road this weekend.  I am loving planning all the fun things we are going to do and see this weekend!

We are having lunch here one day – it looks so precious! {Pic from their website.}


Our B&B is close to main street and we are planning to do a lot of walking.  Everyone that I have talked to says that the main street area of town is so walk-able and fun. 

We are also planning to spend some time porch-sitting at this lovely vineyard

Enchanted Rock is also on the itinerary.  I have a feeling that we are going to need a healthy dose of outdoor activity due to the fact that many of our plans so far revolve around when and where we are going to eat. 

Other than the boatload of weddings we attend, many of which are out of town, we haven’t been on a trip since our honeymoon one year ago.  It seems like just about everyone who lives in Texas has been here, so we are glad to be finally joining the club.  Any suggestions for fun things to do in Fredericksburg?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend at Home

While Austin was at a bachelor party playing with guns and firecrackers this weekend, I headed down to east Texas to visit my family.  My youngest sister, Mary Katherine, went to her first prom this weekend and had a piano recital on Sunday.  I am so glad I got to be there with her for her eventful weekend.  We had so much fun Saturday primping and getting her ready to go! 

             IMG_0356  IMG_0357  IMG_0372

            IMG_0362   IMG_0361

After living in Dallas for a year, I appreciated the quiet mornings on the porch at home more than ever!  It felt so good to relax all weekend at the place that will always feel like home to me.  I spotted this little guy on Saturday morning.  Isn’t he pretty?

IMG_0355 IMG_0354 IMG_0353

Sunday the rest of my family (my other sister and some of my grandparents) joined us for a delicious Sunday lunch and MK’s piano recital.  We enjoyed our roast, rice & gravy, squash casserole, green beans, rolls, and angel food cake before heading {back} to church for the recital.  Yum! 

MK was the “grand finale” at the recital and played so beautifully!  She amazes me with her piano skills and her dedication to practicing and perfecting all of the songs that she learns.  We snapped a few family pics outside and then I hit the road. 





Now Austin and I are counting down the days until our anniversary trip to Fredericksburg this weekend. Can’t wait!

Monday, May 21, 2012

1 year

Happy anniversary to us.  I feel like such a cliché saying this, but I really can’t believe we have been married for a year.  It flew by!

         dance      IMG_0385   IMG_0386