Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WILW: Great Harvest

One of my favorite food and fitness blogs, Peanut Butter Runner, has been mentioning bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. for years.  I always thought it looked so good, but sadly, there was no Great Harvest close to me when I lived in Mississippi.  One thing DFW has going for it is that you can pretty much find anything you are looking for food-wise somewhere in the metroplex.  I was absolutely delighted to discover a Great Harvest just a few miles north in Plano. 

This is the best bread ever!  It may seem lame to devote a blog post to bread, but (a) I love bread, and (b) this bread really is a million times better than any grocery store bread.  The only thing better would be my Mom’s homemade bread, and unfortunately, it is not really all that nutritious. 

photo (3)

Also, this bread fits in with our new eating plan – 100% whole wheat and from a local bakery!  Win-win.  I am obsessed.  I have been eating a LOT of toast lately.  We are on loaf number three of the month.  Although our new eating plan doesn’t include an excessive amount of bread, I am (obviously) thrilled with this new discovery!

Great Harvest also has really tasty looking sandwiches, all types of nut butters and spreads, cookies, and other goodies.  And, they give free samples of all their baked goods when you visit! I am dying to go for lunch one day.  Lunch date anyone?

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