Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stamped Stationery

My latest obsession is making these cute stamped cards with matching lined envelopes.  The past couple of weekends I have loved playing with my new stamps and Martha ink pads and creating fun cards to have on hand for every occasion. 

Of course I will start with my obvious favorite little trio.  I could just about DIE over those eggs!


I also went a little crazy with balloon cards. I think these are just so cute for birthdays!


                                      IMG_0142    IMG_0194 (2)  

IMG_0184 (2)

IMG_0189   IMG_0195 (2)   IMG_0140

I definitely come by my card-making love honestly.  As anyone who regularly reads this blog knows, my Mom makes me a different card each month (last year they were birds, this year they are hand-stitched).  We also made all of the cards I used as thank you notes for my wedding gifts.  I even remember us making the invitations for my graduation party my senior year of high school.  Making cards is one of our very favorite things to do when we are together. 

One of my very favorite memories from our year of wedding planning was a weekend spent in west Texas at my grandparents’ big old wooden kitchen table cranking out blue and green bird-stamped cards for my thank you notes.  I think we ended up making over 300 total!  Having my Mom to card-make along side me is just about the only thing I can think of that would have made my weekend craft sessions more fun! 


  1. The cards are beautiful! I adore handwritten cards!

    1. Thank you friend! I love them as well :)

  2. love. love. love. I had wonderful plans to make birthday cards over Spring Break to send out all year long, but I unfortunately didn't get it together.

    1. We clearly need to plan a craft day!

  3. They are beautiful!!!! Your post made me tear up! I know that is just crazy, but it did.

    Love you!