Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Weekend

Well, I’d like to say our weekend consisted of some super-fun spring things, but really it was nothing all to exciting.  What was WONDERFUL was the fact that Austin barely had to work and we got to actually enjoy a weekend break from work together. 

We enjoyed some early morning tennis on Saturday… except for the rude “tennis instructor” that interrupted our game to tell us to get off his “reserved” court.  I can’t really let myself delve too much deeper into that story without wanting to hit something, so I will stop now, but just know the court most definitely was not reserved!    Austin did have to work until Saturday afternoon, and I had a hair appointment.  I’ll have to blog a pic for my mom and sisters tomorrow after I fix it for work.  Saturday afternoon we got to go to the grocery store together and then Austin grilled some steaks for us for supper. 

{and for some reason I cannot get the pic of our supper to post on the blog!}

Today we had a wonderful morning at church!  This was our Sunday to greet which is always fun.  We had a big group in Sunday school and an encouraging and challenging sermon in church.  I think I say this every week, but I love our church so much! 

This afternoon I did a little cooking for the meal we took to Scott and Cass tonight and tackled my ironing pile.  I am about halfway done with it…which is just thrilling for y’all to read about I’m sure. Winking smile 

I’m so very excited about my 4 day work week and heading to Louisiana on Friday to see my family and to celebrate Katey and Casey’s wedding! 

Sorry for the picture-less post! Although, I doubt y’all want to see a picture of my ironing pile.  I am making a vow to do better and take some pics this week.  I can promise that I will have lots of pictures in my weekend recap next week!

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