Monday, April 23, 2012

New ‘Do

New hair! 

photo (2)

This reminded me…as soon as Austin’s busy season is over I WILL talk him into doing a hair “vlog.”  I will probably have to do two different videos.  Two of my law school friends used to refer to me as “Emily: sometimes curly, sometimes straight” before they knew me.  There were two other Emilys in our section – I guess this was how they told us apart?   

My work day was busy today, but it was a good busy – they day flew by! 

I went to a new eye doctor here in Dallas today and really liked her a lot.  I wanted to give her a huge hug after she gave me some allergy drops for my eyes that are like magic!  I shopped for some new glasses and am pondering a glasses purchase next weekend.  It’s an exciting life I lead, I tell you! 

I am off to read some of my current book before bed.  I told my Mom earlier that I am having to barricade myself in our room and not spend any time in the living area tonight.  Our complex is being painted right now so we had to move everything that usually is on our porch inside.  Yuck.  There is a pair of duck waiters with mud-caked boots draped over one of my kitchen chairs.  So, to summarize, I will only be spending time in the study, bedroom, and bathroom until we can move everything back out to the porch!  But, this gives me a great excuse to make some headway on this list of books I posted earlier this year. 

Currently reading: The Sisters by Nancy Jensen

Sweet dreams!

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