Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

I almost became a hand-raiser in church this morning – that is how good the music was.  I am not anti-hand raising by any means, that has just never really been my preferred style of worship…just to clarify!  Maybe I am saying this because today is Easter and the songs are so fresh in my mind, but Easter hymns are my FAVE. 

Speaking of Easter hymns, I feel real bad for the poor people in front of me today.  Allergies have about gotten the best of me, so I am sounding pretty nasal-y.  Add that to the fact that I cannot carry a tune in a bucket and the result was very likely some bleeding ears in the First Baptist Dallas sanctuary this morning.  Maybe that is why the family in front of us joined the church this morning?  Running away from my singing during the invitation perhaps?

Aside from the allergies, our first married Easter has been just wonderful!  Having Katey and Casey over for lunch today made me feel like such a grown-up!  We had a great lunch, and I had so much fun this weekend getting everything ready.  Here are some pictures from our day.  There are probably more pictures than anyone other than my mom wants to see of the table, but I thought it turned out pretty cute. 


IMG_0156            IMG_0168

                            IMG_0159     IMG_0158



            IMG_0174         IMG_0177

We were happy Scott decided to come to church with us today!  We didn’t even make him take a swim in the baptistery and get dunked like a true Baptist :)


After church Katey and her finace Casey joined us for lunch.  They are only three very short weeks away from their wedding date!  We are all sooo excited for the festivities! Katey and I both had birthdays in March so we celebrated those and Easter today – thank you for my birthday book, friend.   

For lunch we had ham, hash brown casserole, salad, deviled eggs, roasted asparagus, and rolls.  Yum!  It is hard to beat a good Easter lunch spread!  I meant to get a picture of everything before we served our plates, but completely forgot.  Here it all is on my plate – delicious. 


And for dessert, we had lemon mousse (recipe from this blog). This might have been my favorite…


I missed my family today and our traditional egg hunt… and getting an Easter basket – ha!  (Austin didn’t even deliver a Reese’s egg.  I must educate him for next year on the necessity of jelly beans and Easter candy on Easter Sunday morning.)  I have to admit I was secretly glad to hear from my sisters that they didn’t even bother hunting eggs – clearly it would be no fun without me :)  I will get to see them all in a few short weeks though, and today was a wonderful day starting some new Easter traditions with my new husband in our new city. 

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