Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clean Eating

Starting on May 1, Austin and I are planning some major changes to our eating habits.  Neither of us eats too terribly bad, but we each have certain issues that could definitely benefit from the changes we plan to make next week. 


Austin has been working CRAZY hours during his busy season, which has resulted in a ton of meals eaten out over the past few months.  I, on the other hand, have really been noticing lately just how much sugar I consume every day.  For some reason my sweet tooth has had quite the growth spurt over the past few years. 

So, our plan is to live it up in Ruston this weekend celebrating at the wedding and then basically purge whatever we have left in our pantry that doesn’t fit in with our new eating guidelines when we get back to Dallas.  I have read about so many versions of clean(er) eating on numerous blogs, but the post that is closest to what we will be doing can be found here.  One of the first places I read about this concept was here


To summarize, what we eat every day will consist of as much as possible of these things:

  • WHOLE foods (“more a product of nature than of industry”)
  • fruits and vegetables
  • dairy: milk, eggs, unsweetened yogurt, cheese
  • 100% whole grain/whole wheat bread (more on my new favorite source for this tomorrow)
  • seafood
  • locally raised meat (in moderation)
  • water, milk, coffee, tea
  • dried fruit, nuts, and seeds
  • minimal use of all natural sweeteners (honey or 100% maple syrup)

And NOT these things:

  • refined grains (white flour, white rice)
  • refined sweeteners (sugar, corn syrup, cane juice, Splenda, etc.)
  • anything out of a box, can, bag, package, etc. that has more than 5 ingredients on the label
  • deep fried food
  • fast food

(source: this blog post)

By far the hardest part of this for me will be to give up refined sugar.  I put white sugar in my coffee, brown sugar in my oatmeal, and I love dessert.  I think Austin’s biggest challenge will be cutting out the processed/packaged foods.  I will definitely be recapping our progress, and I am hopeful that me putting this out here on the blog will be some good motivation and accountability.  Of course, I am not going into this thinking that we will never eat dessert again – knowing both of our personalities, I know there will be “cheat days” within reason.  However, I am really excited about the healthier changes to come!  Wish us luck!


  1. Good lucky, Emily! We have been slowly cutting these things out, too, and are really considering making our guidelines more strict. I have a sweet tooth, too, but the less sugar I consume, the less sugar I crave.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad to hear that the sugar cravings will (hopefully) become less of an issue!

  2. As I was reading the first paragraph I was wondering if you'd heard about 100 Days of Real Food, so I was glad to read a little further down the page that it's what you're doing. Icross across the blog at the beginning of the fall, but my dorm doesn't have a kitchen. I'm thinking about trying the 10 day mini challenge a few days after graduation though to see how it goes. Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes!

    1. I am pretty nervous! Good luck to you too if you decide to do the mini challenge! Will you move somewhere with a kitchen after graduation? I bet you are more than ready to have one!

    2. Thank you! Yes, I'll be moving the majority of my things to my new apartment (with a kitchen! Woohoo!) this weekend and all of the remaining items throughout next week since I graduate next Saturday. And I am so ready to finally have a kitchen! Four years without one hasn't been much fun because I really love to bake.

    3. Yay! Congratulations on graduating! Such an exciting time :)

  3. Good for you!! After months of trying to find out why my abdomen hates me, I took an allergy test and just found out that I am allergic to gluten....I will be on this diet too...the rest of my freaking life :) BUT after 4 days, I already feel worlds different! Lord knows what goes into all the crap that we consume on a daily basis, eating clean is the way to go!

    1. Oh gosh, Nina - I am sorry you have a gluten allergy but glad you have at least been able to pin-point some of the problem! Everyone I have talked to about this says they feel so much better after only a few days, so that is encouraging!