Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baseball & Flower Beds

We started off our weekend at a Frisco Rough Riders game on Friday night.  Going to the game with several other couples from our Sunday school class was a fun, but I have paid dearly for my outdoor fun as the weekend has progressed.  I am dying a slow death from allergies.  This time of year just kills me!  Needless to say, “making an appointment with an allergist” just shot to the top of my to-do list for the week.  I have tried every type of OTC allergy medicine as well as consumed quite a bit of local honey, but neither of those have really solved my problem.  I am ready for some shots! 


On Saturday morning Austin and I got in a quick workout and run at the Katy Trail before he headed off to work, (so lame!) and I headed to Lake June Baptist Church for a missions project our Sunday school class was doing there.  We “beautified” their flower beds at the church.  Once I finally got there (after my 30 minute detour from getting lost…) most of the real work was done.  I was really disappointed about this, Winking smile but I did manage to get some action shots and a good pic of the whole group.



   IMG_0209   IMG_0215

The rest of my weekend has been a total snooze-fest!  Austin has been working non-stop and I have pretty much just been laid up on the couch with a box of kleenex.  We had a great Sunday morning at church this morning, and I got out and ran some errands, but all in all a pretty low-key weekend.  I am fixing this Pinterest recipe for supper, and we are catching up on last week’s Mad Men episode tonight!

Hope y’all had a happy weekend! 

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