Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy early Sunday morning!  I have been a bad blogger all weekend and not taken one single picture.  Rewinding all the way to Thursday night, my sister Mary Katherine has been in town for a BPA competition, and I was lucky enough to get to steal her away for a few hours.  We got to shop at Northpark for a little while, and MK had her first H&M experience – I think she is hooked just like me!  She is the most fashionable person I know, so I knew she would love the bargains at H&M! 

While at Northpark, we discovered that we were about two hours late for a spring card making event at Paper Source, and I wanted to cry!  We ooohed and ahhed at the pretty cards, paper, stamps, and basically everything in the Paper Source store for a good while before I had to take her back to her hotel for the night.  My whole family will be in Dallas this coming weekend, and we have already decided that this will be Mom’s favorite store!  Another visit is most definitely on the agenda. 

I loved getting to see you Thursday night, MK!

On Friday, Austin finally came home for good!  I haven’t really gone into much detail on the blog about his recent travels, but he has been working out of town for the past six weeks.  I am so so so glad he is back in Dallas, and I feel like a married lady again after living alone for six long weeks.  We cooked these turkey burgers and roasted some sweet potatoes for Austin and some broccoli for me.  Yum! 

I was up early on Saturday morning and quickly convinced Austin to get up and that we had tons to do!  Austin’s sister Courtney and her boyfriend Tyler were on their way to spend the weekend with us, and I wanted to make a grocery store trip, bake a cake, and straighten up the house before they got here.  I made a very important and exciting discovery at around 8am on Saturday morning – there is no one at Walmart at that time!  It was the best Walmart experience ever.  I told Austin that I will never go at any other time if I can help it from now on!

Courtney and Tyler got here mid-morning (just as my cake was going into the oven…) and we enjoyed catching up with them.  Austin’s Aunt Angie also happened to be in town yesterday, so it was an extra special treat to have her come over for a while as well!  We loved hearing about her life in Ocean Springs and all her latest adventures :) 

Courtney and Tyler went to lunch and to the Dallas Aquarium yesterday while Austin and I ventured north to the Allen outlets.  We had quite the successful shopping trip, and my work wardrobe gained some much-needed additions!  I might take some OOTD pics this week as I am wearing all of my new finds if I can get over feeling super goofy taking a picture of myself. 

Last night we went to a fun dinner at Bolsa in Oak Cliff with Courtney and Tyler, and although I was having a hard time not falling asleep, (shopping wore me out!) the food and the company were both excellent! 

We are headed to church this morning, and I can’t wait!  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 

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