Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WILW: Wolfe Studio

I mentioned my LOVE for Wolfe Studio in yesterday’s post, but I couldn’t help but devote an entire post to this wonderful brand. 

When I was in Jackson for law school, I did a bit of babysitting in my spare time.  I met some precious families, and babysitting was a great escape from “law school world” for me.  Best of all, babysitting helped me discover my beloved Wolfe birds.  I started seeing them in people’s beautiful homes, and I became obsessed!  These birds are a Jackson staple.  The Wolfe studio was started in Jackson in 1946.  Every piece is hand glazed, and no two are the same. 

Imagine my delight when I discovered a store right down the street from where I lived that carried Wolfe birds!  The Everyday Gardener is the cutest store ever.  They have beautiful home décor, pretty plants and planters, and best of all, they carry a ton of Wolfe products!  I got my Mom a Wolfe bird from here for Mother’s day one year, and then I received all three of my Wolfe birds from here.  These birds were on our wedding cake and they are such a special reminder of my time in Jackson. 

iphone 10-17 002

{excuse these awful phone pictures – especially the cake picture of another picture… I am asking for a new camera for my b’day next month!!}

                           IMG_0196  IMG_0197


Love these little guys!  Go to the website and see all of their pretty creations for yourself!

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