Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

I just got back from a quick trip to Austin to see my Austin and go to a(nother) wedding.  Our friends James and Megan got married yesterday at the beautiful chapel at Riverbend Church.  Their reception was so fun and at such a cool place in Dripping Springs.  One of the best things about having allllll of these weddings this year is getting to see out of town friends way more often!  And, before I post these pictures, I  need to vent a little about my camera: so over it.  It is very old and going downhill quickly.  So glad my birthday is just a few short weeks away and that a camera is at the top of my list for Austin!  Nina, if you are reading, he needs some advice :)

   DSCF1283    DSCF1285    DSCF1290




{see what I mean – the camera completely spazzed on this pic!}

I am off to catch up on last week’s Gossip Girl and get to bed early!  I am going to try to not take another four day blogging break this week, but I’m still getting in the swing of things now that I have a real job.  Hopefully I can get into a routine and be a little more consistent.  Have a great week – I am jealous of those of you that have a three day weekend!

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