Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Food

I have loved having Austin home and actually having someone to cook for! 

Friday night I made us some quinoa bowls.  These were one of my staples in law school, but I had never fixed quinoa for Austin.  I just cooked the quinoa in chicken broth, served it over a bed of greens, and topped it with black beans and corn I had cooked with some salsa and spices for a little bit.  And clearly we topped it with cheese – everything is better with cheese!  This is such a filling and healthy meal.  The possibilities for toppings are endless. 


I have probably mentioned this before, but I LOVE Saturday morning breakfast.  We have gotten into a habit of taking a little more time on Saturdays to enjoy our morning meal, and it is one of the highlights of my week.  This particular Saturday, we went for a jog at the Katy Trail and then feasted on blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon (and yes, I like my bacon very crispy). 


Saturday Austin had to work most of the day but got to come home for lunch.  I made us some chicken salad sandwiches + fruit on the side.  I used a rotisserie chicken for my chicken salad, and I am embarrassed at how easy it was!  I am probably one of the last people on earth who had never bought a rotisserie chicken until Saturday.  My first experience with those little guys was a good one though – my chicken salad turned out just fine!  I shredded the chicken and added a tiny bit of mayo, celery, dried cranberries, pecans, green onions, and salt & pepper.   Yum!


I had big plans to make turkey burgers on Saturday for supper, but we were both feeling a little lazy, so those got bumped to next weekend! 


  1. Yum! Brian and I cooked a very yummy meal tonight. We fixed chicken and green salad and had left over potatoes and asparagus from Smith and Wolensky's! I love your dishes by the way!

    1. Sounds delicious! I know you were glad to have some down time after all your travels!