Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

  • After majorly slacking off last week, my goal is to work out every morning this week.  So far so good – I did yoga yesterday morning and ran this morning.  Exercising in the morning really makes a huge difference on how I feel during the rest of the day, and I am always so glad I did it on the days I actually do it. 
  • I usually do the original “Body by Bethenny” yoga video, but I really want to try her newest yoga DVD soon. 

  • I am going to an alumni dinner for my law school with my friend Cam tonight – excited to see her!
  • For some reason, I have been hung up on going to Francesca’s and shopping for jewelry?!  I don’t even know where one is in Dallas, but if I am still thinking about it this weekend, I think I will have to locate one. 
  • I have finished ONE of the books listed in this post that I want to read… I have a stack of most of the others just waiting for me, but for some reason I haven’t been super motivated to read them. 
  • I am helping host a baby shower in April, and I am already so excited about it!  Need to order invitations asap… or maybe make these?

  • I really need to go pack my lunch!  Sorry for the lame blog post!


    1. Who is the baby shower for? I would love to help make those darling invites, if you need me to!

    2. There is a Francesca's in Mockingbird Station, really close to our house. Just take 75-N and exit Mockingbird; you'll see the giant sign that says "Mockingbird Station."

      1. Thank you! Think I am going to have to make a trip Saturday.