Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Target Tale Continues…

I probably should not be blogging due to the amount that my hands are shaking from being so mad.  Target shipped me the wrong headboard AGAIN.  {See this post for more explanation}  Words can’t even describe how furious I am. 

I will absolutely not be ordering another thing from Target.com ever in my life.  This has been by far the worst experience I have ever had with an online retailer.  I am so mad I could just spit.  I am on hold right now with probably the tenth target.com representative I have talked to on the phone throughout this epic saga.  They are arranging for someone to come and pick up this headboard tomorrow.  That is, this tufted velvet headboard that I have received TWICE and never ordered. 

Target, you have lost an online customer for life.  I am sure me not shopping on your website will not make a dent in your profits, but you better believe I am taking my stand for whatever it is worth.  There is a SERIOUS problem when a person can order an item on your website and then receive a totally different item that is not only NOT what was ordered but is also damaged.  But, the problem becomes inexcusable when I place an order on the phone, speaking to a person who has heard a very detailed explanation of the entire saga, and then receive THE WRONG HEADBAORD AGAIN.  Get your act together.  Adios. 

This headboard was supposed to be a CHRISTMAS GIFT.  Now it is February, and I am back at square one.  Super.  I feel a strongly worded letter coming on.   

And to think, my night was looking so good.  I had just made a bowl of oatmeal and was sitting down to make some valentines when I heard the knock at my door… Thank you Target, for ruining my night.

Sorry for the excessive use of all-caps. 

I’ll be back with hopefully happier things tomorrow. 


  1. Such a bummer! I really hope they give you the headboard for FREE now!

  2. I know! Haha, they totally should!

  3. I LOVE your hair! Could you do a post on how you fix it?

  4. Well thank you! And yes, I will do one for sure - thanks for the idea :)

  5. Oh no, how awful! I hope they get this problem corrected ASAP. I had such an awful time with Target's gift registry when we got married that it turned me off to Target, besides regular in-store shopping. And I know their website is trying to be cute, but it rubs me the wrong way when the "sorry, we're too popular" error message pops up! Cocky, are we?