Thursday, February 9, 2012

Late Night Recap

Today I have been wrapping up some of my Valentine’s Day crafts and organizing my recipe binder…and ironing.  {side note: ironing is my absolutely LEAST favorite chore ever.} 


I took some pics of the crafting, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone who is receiving a valentine from me in the next few days.  Red heart  I might just have to do a re-cap once February 14th has come and gone. 

Blog world, meet my recipe binder.  It is one of my very favorite Christmas gifts mainly because it combines lots of my favorite things: birds, nests, the colors blue & green, organization, and cooking!  What could be better?  Today I spent a while adding some new recipes from Pinterest and magazines.  Combine this bad boy with the meal planning tab in my home organization binder and I just turn into a meal planning fool. 


Thank you Mom for finding someone to make me exactly what I wanted! 



One of my best friends is getting married in April and her bachelorette party is this weekend!  I am getting super excited.  Today I made this little banner for her lingerie shower, and tomorrow I am going to try my hand at these precious iced sugar cookies.  Here’s hoping mine turn out as cute as those! 


By the way, having a bachelorette party around Valentine’s Day is the best idea ever.  There is so much pink stuff in the stores, and lingerie is out in full force in the stores… and sometimes even on sale!  We did not plan it this way on purpose, but I think it is working out pretty well.  Can’t wait to celebrate Miss Katey this weekend!

Be back tomorrow, hopefully with pretty cookies to show!

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  1. Stunning wedding pic of you! You look amazing!