Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hot Pink Heart Cookies

Well, my cookies did not turn out quite as pretty as I had hoped.  I am just going to chalk this one up as a learning experience!  I guess hot pink might be more appropriate for a bachelorette party than pastel pink, but they are just not quite what I had pictured in my mind. 

I used this recipe and had visions of my cookies turning out like this:

{picture via Jenny Steffens Hobick}

But, it is safe to say that I am most definitely a beginner, because my cookies are a little more “rustic.” 




I am just going to go with the thought that neon pink and sprinkles are good for a bachelorette party, and the fact that I was in a hurry to ice these this morning at 5:30!

I am so excited for all that we have planned to celebrate Katey today!  I will have a fun recap of our festivities tomorrow. 

Happy Saturday!

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