Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had fun doodling on some cards for my mom and sisters last week, and now that they have gotten them in the mail, here they are!  I just used cardstock, a red paint pen, and some foam hearts and went to town.  Also, I love dots! 




And here is my February hand-stitched card from Mom!  So simple and pretty!


Austin did VERY good with my Valentine gift this year – a Wolfe bunny from Jackson!  I may have to devote an entire post to my love of Wolfe Studio products, but I have three Wolfe birds and now a bunny too.  I named him Sam.  I love him! 


Today I am loving my pink manicure, wearing a pink cardigan, and celebrating all the love in my life.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you! 

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