Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad + Weekend in Dallas

Hi!  I am so glad to have a chance to actually sit down and write a blog post.  I had a lot going on this week as far as tying up some loose ends before I start my real job, and so blogging kind of got moved to the back burner.  This upcoming week should be a little more relaxed before I enter the real world on the 13th. 

Last night Austin finally got home after being out of town for work the past two weeks.  I am so glad he is back!  Even though we dated long distance the entire three years I was in law school in Mississippi, since we have been married we haven’t had to spend that much time apart. 

I have been looking so forward to our weekend.  Last night I cooked supper and we watched a little bit of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  We had what is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite meals: roasted salmon, fingerling potatoes, and asparagus.  The recipe is from PW’s website.  I have a lot of other cooking planned for this weekend, so I think I will probably do a recap of all of those recipes on Monday… stay tuned – I know you can hardly contain your excitement.

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This morning we had a good workout at our gym and then got to eat breakfast together.  Saturday morning breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the entire week.  Austin makes the best eggs, and I have been seriously missing them for the past two weeks!  I had an egg, bacon, chocolate milk, and some grapefruit.  LOVE grapefruit in the winter.

Austin has to work today (oh, the joys of being married to an accountant!) so I will be keeping busy with a hair appointment, a trip to Walmart, some thank you notes, and some cooking.  After being out of town for the past several weekends I am honestly just thrilled to spend the whole day in Dallas.  I can’t wait to go to church tomorrow and see all of our friends that we have missed so much since we haven’t been there in three weeks!  Three weeks without being at church really takes a toll on me, and I think I’ll be so eager to get there tomorrow that we might actually be on time :)    

Also, today is my Daddy’s birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!  I don’t think he is a regular blog reader, but maybe my Mom will tell him I gave him a shout-out.  I wish I was going to be home to eat a piece of his special birthday cake tonight.  Every year my Mom makes my Dad’s favorite cake – the General Robert E. Lee cake.  It is basically a lemon monstrosity.  It takes a long time to make, and I’m pretty sure it has about a dozen eggs in it.  My Dad loves it, I think it is pretty good, but no one else in the family really cares for it, so a good chunk of it usually ends up in the freezer. 


Happy Birthday!  I love you!

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