Friday, January 6, 2012

A Target Tale

Yesterday was a GREAT day.  Two really exciting things happened, and we had a great dinner with friends - a pretty solid Thursday!.  Then, to top it off – the cherry on top, if you will – we came home from dinner to find a large package by our front door. 

I squealed with excitement because I just knew this package had to be the headboard I had ordered from Target.  We have been headboard-less for almost eight L-O-N-G months now, and I was not expecting this little beauty to arrive until late January.  I had searched at furniture stores, online, etc.  for months until finally finding exactly what I wanted from good old Target- simple but love the nail-head, and it will be great in a future guest room. 

When I ordered the headboard in early December, I talked to my man Omar on the phone from Target’s customer service about the fabric and a few other questions I had.  He was very helpful and I assumed everything would go as planned…  Can you tell where this is going? 

WELL, first of all, the headboard had been left at our door, which was a problem because I had specifically selected that a signature be required on delivery when I placed my order.  I could have obviously overlooked this if in fact my dream headboard had been delivered 3 weeks early.  BUT, not the case.  The box was dented and had some holes in it, but again, could have easily gotten past that if my perfect little beauty had been safely tucked inside.  Again, not the case. 

After I ripped into the box, I discovered the WRONG headboard, and not only was it the wrong headboard, it had a huge rip in the upholstery!  It was such a let-down. 

Not what I ordered – velvet is not the same as linen…not awful, but just not what I was going for.  Also there is a problematic absence of nail-head trim.  It’s kind of important!

Of course, I called Target and {eventually} got connected with Gertrude.  She was quite helpful, but the whole process to return it, get a refund, re-order my original headboard, and then have it price adjusted to match the price I paid in December {because it was on sale then + I had free shipping} is going to be so annoying. 

It really makes me wish that I could just do business with small, local companies instead of these giant corporations!  I know that is a little crazy for me to say, especially since I am at Walmart once a week, but the hoops and red tape to get this taken care of is going to seriously be a pain!  But of course, I am attached and completely sold on the original headboard, and I still really want it.  Such a conundrum!

I understand that mistakes happen, and these two headboards do have very similar “names” on the Target website.  I am sure it will get resolved…eventually, and the people I spoke with were most definitely as helpful as they could  be given the circumstances.  Ok rant over!  Sorry for the headboard diatribe.  Although, I will say that Target is probably pretty lucky that I had one of the best days ever yesterday leading up to the headboard debacle!

With just a few hours until the official start of the weekend, I am looking forward to spending a Christmas gift card, some tennis with Austin, hopefully a game night with friends, and church in the next couple of days! 

Hope you have a happy weekend!   


  1. So sorry! Definitely NOT fun. If you want to shop small in Dallas, Weir's Furniture is great and is a Christian company. Much better than dealing with shipping back a headboard to Target!

  2. Aw bummer! When I registered there for my baby shower I got all kinds of funky gifts that I never registered for but happened to be on my registry TWICE and got multiples of gifts I didn't even want! Nevertheless, I love Target :) Hopefully they make a speedy delivery of the new head board because it is SO PRESH!

  3. I like both of the headboards in the collection, but sending a ripped one is not going to work... booo.... but Yayyy for a nice service dept. Nothing worse than a rude person on the other end of the line trying to "help" correct their mistake..Sounds like you are doing well and so happy... I wish you and Austin continued blessings from the Lord. Angie V.

  4. Thanks girls! Shipped the wrong one back today, so hopefully everything will be smooth sailing from here...

    Brit, I tried Wier's and would have loved to buy there, but no luck :(