Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have y’all been watching ABC’s new show “Revenge?”  I was hooked from the first preview I saw, and I have faithfully watched every episode so far.  It is a perfect mix of suspense, drama, and excitement.  Plus, it is set in the Hamptons, which, for me, is such an intriguing place.  Kind of like the Upper East Side (any GG fans?).  I am so far removed from that world, and so it absolutely fascinates me.  So, here are my random Revenge thoughts:

  • I am SO GLAD Tyler is gone.  Well, gone for now.  For all I know he might return.  He was for sure one of the creepiest characters on TV.  Whoever plays him is either a really good actor or actually a huge creeper.  Last week I could hardly stand to look at the TV when he was in a scene. 


  • I still cannot figure out if Emily really likes/loves Daniel or not.  I know from episode one that they evidently get engaged at some point, and judging from last night’s episode that may be pretty soon.  BUT, everything Emily does is related to her master plan.  I know she has her guard up, but I just wonder if any part of her really does have feelings for him?  (Wow, got a little carried away… yes, I know these are just characters on a TV show!)  Also, what about sweet little Jack? 


  • Victoria is the definition of an ice queen.  I have never seen the actress who plays Victoria before this (that I can remember).  She plays the part perfectly. 


  • If Emily’s dad really is Charlotte’s father, that is just going to open up a whole new can of worms… Could this be why they have been playing up the fact that Victoria resents her this whole season?  I don’t really know what to make of that, because it seems like Victoria and Emily’s dad really were “in love” leading up to the big betrayal. 


  • What is going to happen with Amanda?  Emily keeps having to tell her more and more, and that is making me nervous!  Amanda is t-r-o-u-b-l-e. 


  • I really just can’t wait for everything to play out.  I think I heard at one point that Revenge was originally just supposed to be a one season show, which makes sense because there are only so many people she can take down!  I am sure there are a ton more little tidbits that have crossed my mind concerning this show, but I am hungry and going to make some oatmeal :)

Any one else watch Revenge?  Any thoughts?

P.S. Have you seen Nina’s presh invites for Amelia’s first birthday party?  Made my day getting that cute little thing in the mail yesterday!  I am sure the party will be just as fun and adorable!

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  1. Agh! I haven't caught up yet from this week, but your recommendation totally got me hooked on Revenge. It's SO good.